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Home: You Are Here! The main page for Hawkeye Enterprizes

Details & Options: Here you will find an explanation of what these rugs are, more about the business, and possible uses for the completed rugs.

News & Promotions: This is the page where you can find updates and news!

Doctor Who: Here you will find a few versions of the Doctor Who logo, a unique and semi-original Doctor Who scene depiction.

Discontinued Designs: This page will house those few designs that just didn't work out as planned. They are one-offs and discount priced to sell!

Holiday Designs: Self-explanatory, any designs related to Holidays will be found here!

Kids Stuff: Here you will find designs for the kiddies. Cartoon characters, Animals & Nature and more!

Sports Logos!: A rapidly growing and expanding collection of sports logo designs, they make great gifts for sports fans, nice wall hangings or even just table mats, ideal for snack bowls!

Royal Wing: The newest addition to the site. This page will contain images and details on the special project that was done in Honour of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Join the Flock!: This is where you will find a list of websites and organizations who either support Hawkeye Enterprizes and/or is supported by the company and its owner.

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